Every Island Games Sport Benefits from Generali Worldwide Bursary Scheme

As the Guernsey Island Games Team prepares for the Gotland Games, Generali Worldwide’s support continues, with swimming, cycling, gymnastics and athletics all set to benefit from Generali’s bursary scheme. With the latest funding allocations, all Island Games sports have now benefitted from the firm’s sponsorship since its inception in 2012.

Generali Worldwide first started sponsoring the Guernsey Island Games Team in 2011, and 18 individual sports have used the bursary scheme for a wide variety of activities to support grass-roots and high-performance sport in Guernsey.

The bursary scheme helps the Guernsey Island Games Association ensure the future of a wide variety of sports. Generali Worldwide has recently committed to sponsoring the association until 2021, when Guernsey will once again host the Island Games. From 2018, the bursaries will be awarded to each sport on a rotational basis, ensuring that every sport will benefit from funding twice during Generali Worldwide’s 10-year sponsorship.

Giorgio Daboni, Chief Executive Officer, Generali Worldwide in Guernsey, states: “It makes us very proud to help facilitate sport at all levels in Guernsey and we are delighted that every Island Games sport has now benefited from a bursary.”

In previous years, additional funding has been used in a variety of ways. For example, to buy much-needed kit, to fund try-out sessions for youngsters, pay travel expenses to UK competitions or for a performance coach to help gain a competitive edge.

This year, the Guernsey swimming team will use the bursary to pay for additional pool time for the Island Games swim team to have intensive preparation training. They also plan to bring in a coach for competition training which will create special team building time for the swimmers from the two local clubs.

Gymnastics in Guernsey is growing at a rapid rate and the club will use the bursary to enable another local person to qualify as a coach, which will benefit the sport at all levels of participation.

Following last year’s successful National Championship campaign, the Guernsey Velo Club will use their bursary to help fund riders travelling to the UK to compete in the Youth National Time Trial Championships.

The Athletics club plans to use the bursary to bring over several high-level coaches to hold a workshop with both local coaches and athletes.

Brian Allen, Chairman of the Guernsey Island Games has voiced his admiration of the continued support Generali has given to sport over the past six years. “This year’s bursaries mean help has been given to all of the 18 individual Island Games sports in Guernsey. Not only does Generali Worldwide assist the team to the Games, they want to help the future development of the local sports.

“A big ‘thank you’ needs to go to this local business _ the help and confidence they have given to Island Games sport by now agreeing to continue their sponsorship to the exciting future event of the 2021 Games in Guernsey is invaluable.”

Looking ahead to the Gotland Island Games, the Guernsey Island Games Association will soon reveal the new team kit, along with the flag bearer and water carrier.

The Gotland Island Games takes place between 24th – 30th June 2017 and Guernsey is sending 14 teams to participate.