Utmost support for Tennis and Golf

The Guernsey Lawn Tennis Association and the Guernsey Golf Union are the latest lucky recipients of Utmost Guernsey International’s support for the Guernsey Island Games Association.

The two sports have received bursaries to put towards their preparations for the home games next year.

Tennis will use its money to have some expert coaching to improve player performance and help inspire the team. Golf, meanwhile, will put the funding towards athletes’ kit for 2023.

Utmost International Guernsey has consistently awarded bursaries on a rotational basis since 2018 and the aim is that each of Guernsey’s 18 sports will have had two rounds of funding ahead of the Natwest International Island Games XIX here in Guernsey in July 2023.

Leon Steyn, the Chief Executive Officer for Utmost International Guernsey says “sport is such a vital part of island life, so we’re proud to be able to support our teams with this important funding. We are always happy to hear how our bursaries help these teams and the positive impact they have on the wider sports community.”

Brian Allen, Chairman of the Guernsey Island Games Association, says the bursaries are crucial and “in addition to helping teams with kit and funding for coaching, the positive impact that they have on sports enthusiasts competing at every level is invaluable.”

Utmost International Guernsey has committed to sponsoring GIGA until 2023 when Guernsey will host the Natwest International Island Games XIX, which the company is also one of the sponsors for. The Games were rescheduled from 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.