Ready for Gibraltar

24 June 2019

Team Guernsey is officially ready for the off after a special event hosted by Guernsey’s Bailiff, Sir Richard Collas. It’s become a traditional part of the pre-games preparations with the team attending in their kit to hear the well wishes of the Bailiff and team sponsors Utmost Worldwide.

The athletes gathered at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre for the event. Local photographer Chris George was on hand to take some pictures of our sportsmen and women and it’s just as well he has a head for heights as he needed to be pretty high up to get everyone in the team photo.

Our team has been very well supported by our sponsors Utmost Worldwide who are responsible for our kit but they also traditionally give the Guernsey team a goody bag of extra items to take away. With a 200 strong team, our coaches, medics, VIPs and the GIGA Committee were all delighted to receive a recyclable drawstring bag filled with goodies.

Inside the bag are sunglasses, sunblock and clappers to make some noise in Gibraltar, as well as Guernsey team pin badges to exchange with team members from other islands. Each bag also has a Sarnia Cherie card to make sure we can all sing along with our island anthem during medal ceremonies. Thanks Utmost!

Team Guernsey 2019

Brian Allen – Chairman of GIGA, Guernsey’s Bailiff – Sir Richard Collas, Giorgio Daboni – CEO Utmost Worldwide