20 swimmers named for Gibraltar

20 February 2019

Eight swimmers will represent Guernsey at an Island Games for the very first time this summer as part of the squad of twenty. The swim team named for Gibraltar is described as having a good balance of experienced swimmers and new talent.

Initially swimmers from the two local clubs signed up with their intent to compete but knew they were fighting for a maximum of twenty places available for selection.

Chris Butt, the GASA President, says it’s been encouraging to see so many senior swimmers, who’ve attended many Games in the past, still inspired to continue with the hard training required to compete at this level. Adding that the group of youngsters coming through the ranks are showing great potential too.

Following the success of the swim team in Gotland, members are focused on continuing to train hard over the coming months in the hope of enjoying similar success in Gibraltar this summer.

Chris Butt says for those who didn’t make the team this time it’s hoped they’ll continue to train hard and set their sights on future competitions including the home games in Guernsey in 2021.

Swim Team 2019

Courtney Butcher; Orla Rabey; Laura Le Cras, Tatiana Tostevin

Ben Lowndes; Tom Hollingsworth; Will Mansell; Jonathon Beck; Will Russell; Tom Teasdale; Louis Tostevin; Charlie-Joe Hallett

New caps

Ailish Rabey; Pip Gallagher; Molly Staples; Oriana Wheeler; Ellen Morley

Sam Lowe; Ronny Hallett; Toby Fitzgerald